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Family Sponsorship

Family sponsorship

If you are a Canadian permanent resident or citizen with a family member who wants to immigrate to Canada, you may be able to help them become a permanent resident. Family reunification remains one of the pillars of the Canadian immigration system.

Family reunification remains one of the pillars of the Canadian immigration system. In fact, it is one of our most important immigration programs because it helps keep families together and also brings people who will contribute to Canada’s economy.

To sponsor your spouse, partner or dependent children, you need to:

  • You must be 18 years or older.

  • You need to have been living in a marriage-like relationship for at least one year.

  • You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada. If you’re not, you can sponsor your spouse if you have lived with them for at least 12 months before applying, and if they are staying in Canada as a visitor or student on an open work permit that allows them to work for up to 20 hours a week during their stay here.

  • Sign an agreement to support the person you want to sponsor (their basic needs and housing costs). The amount depends on how much money they make every month compared with what they would get from provincial income assistance programs like welfare payments in BC (known as social assistance). The federal government will pay up front all but $1,000 of this amount while it reviews your application; after it approves the sponsorship application (in about two months), then the remainder will be paid out annually over five years starting July 1st or another date specified in your agreement contract depending on when it was signed.* Meet an income threshold: To qualify based on income alone , applicants must earn more than what’s required by social assistance benefits plus 30% extra per dependent child under 19 years old . For example : If someone only has one child living at home without any other adults working full time jobs paying above minimum wage then his/her monthly income would need at least $2120 ($1520 + 30% = $2120). That figure goes up incrementally each time another dependent child joins his/her household until there are four kids under 19 years old present at home then each additional kid adds $1000 per month until reaching ten dependent children whereupon no further increases occur; however these numbers may change depending upon where

Sponsor your parents and grandparents

Sponsor Your Parents and Grandparents

If you have parents or grandparents who need to retire, it may be possible to sponsor them. If they’re not eligible for retirement benefits in Canada, they may still be able to immigrate if they are sponsored by a family member. This can help your relatives stay active and healthy while also simplifying their financial situation by allowing them to use the same bank accounts as you do.

Sponsor your relatives

If you’re not sure if you can sponsor someone, but they are related to you and don’t want to wait years to come to Canada, then sponsoring a relative might be the right option for them.

If a relative is unable to support themselves or cannot prove that they have enough money for their family members who are with them in Canada, then this could also mean that it would be difficult for them to get approved as a refugee in Canada.

You will receive a letter saying if you’re approved as a sponsor. When you get the letter, you can start gathering documents for your application.

When you get the letter, you can start gathering documents for your application.

  • You’ll need to provide proof of your identity and citizenship or permanent residency status. This can be a driver’s licence, passport or birth certificate. The letter should also tell you what documents are required from the person who will be sponsored (the “applicant”).

  • If they don’t have any of these things yet, they should apply for them as soon as possible so there’s no delay in the processing of their application.


As a sponsor, you have an important role to play in helping your family members immigrate to Canada. It’s important to know what you need to do and understand the immigration process before starting this process. We hope this post has given you some ideas of where to start.

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